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Partners are well-wishers, like-minded people with complementary strengths and are integral part of the team that strives to build, integrate and sustain the link between the customer and the farms. We are strengthening our partnerships in two areas Technology & Social Impact.

  Technology Partners

We collaborate with domain experts who are resourceful & flexible to jointly develop cutting edge solutions that can transform the way we work. We choose projects with high impact potential across fresh produce farm to fork supply chain.

Key Areas: Digital Farms & Quality Check with Sensors, AI, ML, IoT & Image Sensing, Extend Shelf Life with Solar backed Cold Chain, Active Ingredients & Smart Packaging, Offer Traceability & secure Trade interface through Blockchain, Data Analytics & Smart Label.

  Social Impact Partners

Fresh produce supply chains involve a large number of players and have significant impact on many employment and social issues. Knowledge sharing and competence building activities are supported by partners like Agri Universities, Research Institutions, CSR Funds, Social Impact Investors, Support Agencies, Industry & Trade Associations and Government Organizations.

Key Areas: Sustainable Farming, Water & Food Wastage Reduction, Biodiversity & Climate Resilient Farms, Healthy & Safe Food, Local Communities & Rural Capacity Building.

Should you find area of common interest please write to us at [email protected]

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