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SDGs & go4fresh: How We Align With Zero Hunger (Goal 2)

What are the SDGs?

Established in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are a set of 17 interrelated goals meant to end (or drastically reduce) “global poverty, protect the planet & ensure a peaceful environment for all by 2030.” The SDGs are part of the UN’s 2030 agenda and have been developed and adopted by all of its 193 member nations, making it one of the few climate change policies that all UN member nations have implemented.

What are the SDGs?

Today, it is estimated that over 690 million people or close to 9% of the entire world population suffer from hunger & acute food shortage. While this number is incomprehensible in itself, it is expected to increase exponentially with estimates showing that if the trend continues, the number of people could easily surpass 840 million. This situation becomes even more grave when you realise that more than 250 million people are potentially on the brink of starvation. These estimates call for a profound change in the global agricultural food system.

What are the SDGs?

At go4fresh, We operate on the model of “Kissan Se Dukaan Tak” wherein we try to connect farmers directly to the buyers. Because of our direct model, we are able to minimise the handling of products and reduce the number of exchanges that happen. In addition to this, we ensure that majority of our produce is properly graded, sorted and packaged before it reaches the buyer. This allows us to reduce the amount of wastage due to improper handling and packaging of produce.

Through our focused efforts on efficient & effective processes, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of food loss that occurs in the post-harvest processes. We hope that this small, yet significant reduction in food wastage will consequently contribute to the reduction of food shortage and hunger in India & beyond.

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