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SDGs & go4fresh: How We Align With Responsible Consumption & Production (Goal 12)

What are the SDGs?

Established in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are a set of 17 interrelated goals meant to end (or drastically reduce) “global poverty, protect the planet & ensure a peaceful environment for all by 2030.” The SDGs are part of the UN’s 2030 agenda and have been developed and adopted by all of its 193 member nations, making it one of the few climate change policies that all UN member nations have implemented.

Understanding the Problem

The world as a whole is in a precarious situation. Currently, there are over 600 million people around the world who are facing acute food shortages & have to fight hunger every single day. Despite this astounding figure, estimates show that 13.3% of the world’s food is currently being wasted after harvesting & before reaching the consumers. Additionally, unsustainable patterns of consumption & production are also a root cause of other global issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity & pollution. Looking at this, it becomes clear that there is a dire need for profound change in the agri-processes, more specifically in the post-harvest processes.

How We Align with Responsible Consumption & Production (Goal 12)

At go4fresh, we use technology to create effective and efficient market linkages. We believe in the "Kissan Se Dukaan Tak" philosophy which serves as the foundation for our business model. Our model allows us to reduce the amount of product handling and exchanges that take place between the different stakeholders. Furthermore, we make sure that the bulk of our produce is properly graded, sorted, and packaged before it is sold to a customer. By doing this, we can reduce the quantity of product that is wasted due to careless handling and packing. Additionally, we also use technology to create efficient delivery routes which enable us to reduce the amount of food loss & wastage that occurs due to inefficient supply chain lines.

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