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SDGs & go4fresh: How We Align With Climate Action (Goal 13)

What are the SDGs?

Established in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are a set of 17 interrelated goals meant to end (or drastically reduce) “global poverty, protect the planet & ensure a peaceful environment for all by 2030.” The SDGs are a part of the UN’s 2030 agenda and have been developed and adopted by all of its 193 member nations, making it one of the few climate change policies that all UN member nations have implemented.

The Need for Climate Action

All over the world, conversations around climate change & the need for climate action have been growing rapidly (and rightly so!). In 2021, the world noticed a 6% increase in energy-related Co2 emissions, reaching the highest level ever.

Looking at the agricultural industry specifically, it is estimated that the total agri-food systems were responsible for 16.5 billion tonnes of GHG emissions in 2019 alone. Out of this 7.2 billion tons came from inside the farm gate, 3.5 came from land-use change and 5.8 billion came from supply chain processes. These numbers too, are incredibly high and call for a systemic change in the way harvest & post-harvest operations are currently being managed.

How We Align with Climate Action (Goal 13)

At go4fresh, we work closely at the farm level with fresh fruits & vegetable farmers and aggregate the produce through our farm collection centres across India. In the past, we have worked on projects which focused on the adoption of sustainable practices at the farm and supply chain levels.

Our model of “Kissan Se Dukaan Tak” focuses on connecting farmers directly with potential buyers. Through this, we are able to minimise the handling of products and reduce the number of exchanges that happen. Furthermore, we also emphasise the importance of effective planning of deliveries by leveraging technology, which allows us to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint.

In the past, we have received several mandates from supporting organizations, and now we look forward to involving many more through an open collaborative platform. We hope to make a bigger impact by creating awareness and training small farmers on climate-smart sustainable farming practices & monitoring activities that will not only help them reduce their emissions but also gain carbon credits.

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